Identity Management Systems Co., Ltd

IMS is an ISO 9001 certified printing company that specialize in customized fraud prevention technologies. At IMS, we believe the way to create effective value for our clients is to combine different unique technologies. We integrate printing, technology, anti-counterfeit techniques as well as experience to develop a truly fraud preventative product. IMS is confident that the solutions we provide can meet your expectations for brand image building and logistics control. Additionally we also supply tamper proof labels that enhance the safety of your products.


Product and Service

  • 多元高科技系統防偽

    Multi-tech system security

    Supply of physical carrier that offer overt features for quick identification as well as covert features and digital systems to effective protect your products.

  • 雲端防偽系統

    Cloud security system

    Combines serialization with cloud verification platform, brands accumulates large database information that can be used for analysis.

  • 通路管理

    Innovative brand packaging

    Provides customers with high quality customized security solutions by combining security printing, packaging and Internet of Things.

  • Professional security solution consultation

    Offer tailor-made solutions based on the problems faced by customers